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Municipal Authorities

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Pittsburgh, Kittanning and Washington, PA- Municipal Authorities Services

A Municipal Authority is a form of special-purpose governmental unit in Pennsylvania. The municipal authority is an alternate vehicle for accomplishing public purposes without the direct action of counties, municipalities and school districts.  These purposes commonly include the acquisition, financing, construction and operation of projects such as water supply and sewer systems and similar entities. An authority may fix and collect rentals or other charges and may issue revenue bonds. A board appointed by the establishing government or governments governs each authority.

Our clients—their governing bodies—rely on our independent and objective accounting and auditing services to meet their needs for financial transparency.

We can help you with:

Financial Statement Audit

Our auditors combine industry knowledge with our audit experience and the latest audit technology to provide you with relevant insight throughout your financial statement audit.

  • Listen and define engagement objectives
  • Understand your business and develop audit plan
  • Perform the audit
  • Deliver the audit report and provide insight to management and the board of directors

Single Audit

For municipal authorities required to complete an audit due to expenditures of more than $750,000 in federal awards per year, our accountants offer experienced independent audit services. These financial audits help you identify areas of unnecessary spending and keep you on the right side of federal and state regulations.

Agreed-Upon Procedures

When a financial statement audit is not the right fit, our professionals can provide quality compilations of financial statements, limited assurance reviews of financial statements, or agreed-upon procedures to meet your needs including:

  • Testing of cash disbursements to ensure the proper supporting documentation and legitimacy of the transaction.
  • Proper billing and collection of customer rate charges

Our industry involvement includes membership in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Governmental Audit Quality Center.