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Pittsburgh, Kittanning & Washington, PA Business Services - Audits 

Accurate, comprehensive insight into the operations of your company is crucial at every stage of business development. Whether your company is making an acquisition or seeking new investment opportunities, audits provide business owners with an in-depth illustration of the health of their enterprise. In an effort to help our clients stay compliant with ever-changing state and federal regulations and prepare for future decisions, McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC offers comprehensive audit services.

The Benefits of Auditing

Expanding beyond the limited scope of reviews or compilations, the performance and compliance audits provided by McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC, we are able to help your company:

  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Comply with banking covenants
  • Prevent fraudulent activity
  • Decrease the risk of material misstatement
  • Satisfy shareholders
  • Reduce the cost of capital

Why Choose McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC?

McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC specializes in performing audits for diverse entities in different industries. For non-profit organizations or municipal authorities required to complete an audit due to expenditures of more than 750,000 federal dollars per year, our accountants offer experienced independent audit services. These financial audits help you identify areas of unnecessary spending and keep you on the right side of federal and state regulations.

If your employee benefits plan is required to have an audit, our firm has the experience to offer reliable audits to help you ensure that your benefit plans meet the fair value disclosure requirements and all the requirements of the Department of Labor and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

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A comprehensive and thorough audit can help ease your partners', employees', and investors' minds as to the financial health of your business. For an audit that can help you to establish your business’ strength, or help you to identify potential areas of growth, contact McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC today. We are proud to serve businesses of Pittsburgh, Kittanning, Washington and throughout Pennsylvania.