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At McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC, we pride ourselves in providing clients with high quality and comprehensive accounting solutions. We believe in a holistic approach to helping your business achieve optimal profitability, and our personable accountants offer thorough business planning and consultation services unmatched anywhere else in the Pittsburgh, Kittanning and Washington areas.

MST Wealth Advisors, LLC, specializes in helping clients and their families develop a comprehensive financial plan and thoughtfully invest for their long term goals. 

Experience and Recognition

From your initial consultation, our firm is committed to knowing you and your mid-sized business for more than just finances. Our steady and highly experienced staff ensures that your business will receive planning and accounting services befitting its needs, and the personal care of someone who knows the cash-flow needs of your company as well as you do.

We get to learn our clients so we can tailor our approach and audit services to best suit the direction that they want their business to take. Business services at McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC don’t start and stop between tax seasons; rather, our approach is  a year-round process that keeps you profitable, and your finances secure.

Adaptive Approach

Our firm doesn’t standardize our approach to business accounting. Every business is unique in its financial goals, and thus requires personalized accounting and valuation.

The same can be said for ever-changing tax laws concerning the compliance of your company. With the flexibility of our accounting services at McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC, we will work to ensure that you remain in compliance throughout the year and aren’t surprised by unnecessary expenditures. As CPAs, our firm is committed to balancing the goals and needs of your company with compliance regulations set by the IRS and state departments of revenue.

Technologically Driven

McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC isn’t solely concerned with the fiscal liability of your business, but can assist with the technological edge your company holds as well. The staff at our firm understands the necessity of technological evolution in the work place, and are constantly modernizing our approach to business accounting. This allows us to provide clients with more than just attentive accounting practices, but support in Information Technologies (IT) in the creation, or continued operations of small and mid-sized businesses.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are a small or mid-sized business owner and are looking for personalized business services that go above and beyond basic tax planning, schedule a consultation with McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC today. Our two locations are proud to serve the Pittsburgh Kittanning and Washington, PA, areas with high quality and professional accounting. 

Our Values
Our firm provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to the three underlying principles.
Our Team
McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC is a full-service CPA firm licensed in PA . All our CPA's hold valid PA CPA certificates.
McCall Scanlon & Tice, LLC is a full-service CPA firm licensed in PA. All our CPA's hold valid PA CPA certificates.